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The Loan Application

Know what you need to know!

You will be asked to provide detailed financial information when you apply for a mortgage. Be prepared with the following information.

Purchase agreement

Funds for appraisals, credit reports and lending fees

12 months cancelled rent/mortgage checks

W-2 (2 years) and the last thirty days pay stubs

Last 2 years tax returns

Bank statement, last few months – all accounts

Certificate of Eligibility (VA)

Divorce decree/seperation agreement if applicable

Other papers may be required depending on the loan

Realtors represent clients in a number of ways

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A customer is a party to a real estate transaction who has established no intermediary or agency relationship with any Broker in that transaction.

Buyers Agent:
Represents you, the buyer. The Realtor has a fiduciary responsibility to work for your best interests. When I represent you I make sure your needs are met.

Seller’s Agent:
Represents the seller. The Realtor has a fiduciary responsibility to the seller.

A Broker engaged as an intermediary does not represent the buyer or the seller, but acts as a middle man. The intermediary must exercise reasonable skill and care and must comply with Wyoming law.

Listening to you and keeping you informed. Needs – showing you properties that fit what you want. Simplifying the home buying process.

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