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Buying Real Estate in Cody Wyoming

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Sellers and their agents know that a pre-approved buyer is a serious one. Speaking now with a mortgage specialist will give you a loan decision well in advance of making an offer. Mortgage pre-approval can give you negotiating power. Being pre-approved for a mortgage can greatly improve your negotiating position.

Completing the Purchase

A successful purchase involves several important elements: Full written disclosure, offer and negotiations, the purchase agreement, professional inspection, title insurance, appraisal, walk-through and final closing and possibly a home warranty program.

Negotiating the Purchase Agreement

I will represent your written offer to the seller, through their agent, and negotiate on your behalf. The sellers have a choice of: accepting your offer as is, rejecting it completely or countering it. I will communicate to you the seller’s response and suggest further options.

Professional Inspections

Property inspections by trained professionals can avoid costly and dangerous problems such as radon, termites, roof problems and other structural defects as well as mechanical problems. Bottom line – it gives you peace of mind!

Walk Through Prior to Closing

Lets you confirm the condition of the property.

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